Theme of the week: Aspiration

“We are the party of the want to be better-off, those who strive to make a better life for themselves and their families. It’s not where you’ve come from that counts, it’s where you are going.”

– British PM David Cameron

Over the course of the weeks leading up to the general election, we will be posting excerpts from interviews that we have recently conducted with members of the British Indian community. Every week is headed by a particular theme: this week’s theme is aspiration. 

They are leading lights in their respective communities and they are excelling at their chosen vocation. Check out what they had to say about the community, its achievements and its unlimited potential…

 Akash KaulAKASH KAUL a resident of Sutton-Coldfield (West Midlands) is 28 years old. He is in the final stages of completing a Master’s Degree in Dentistry at Charles University, Prague. 

What Do You Think Is The Biggest British Indian Contribution to the UK?

“In my opinion the single biggest concept the British Asian community has brought is the importance of joint family, followed closely by a particularly strong work ethic. Family unity and cohesiveness forms an essential component of Indian lives and is integral to the Indian identity. Other values that also emerge as a result thereof include tolerance and respect for elders.”

One thing I Aspire Toward

“One thing I aspire towards is the implementation of a core set of values so everyone understands what it means to be British. This may begin from the education system where greater effort needs to be made to embed ideas and values in our future generations. It will build up the social fabric of this country and increase community cohesion.”

Manu Khajuria Singh

MANU KHAJURIA SINGH is a resident of Hounslow and has been in the UK for nearly 5 years now. A Parent Governor at Ivybridge Primary School, Manu is also a volunteer case worker for the International Family Tracing, British Red Cross.

What Do You Think Is The Biggest British Indian Contribution to the UK?

“The British Indian community give me many reasons to be proud. They bring with them an ethos of hard work and professionalism. They have made tremendous contributions in all walks of life and engage and participate positively in the communities they live in.They are a valuable asset to this nation.”

Personal values I associate with the Conservative party

“Family, hard work and service are valued by the Conservative Party and I clearly relate to that. Positive community participation with the goal of service is a value very dear to me.The aspiration to give back to the community I live in prompted my work with the British Red Cross and led me to my role as School Governor.”

Proudest Indian Moment in the UK
“My proudest moment has to be singing the Indian National Anthem in Trafalgar Square this January.”

anjul khadriaANJUL KHADRIA is a D.Phil student at the SABS-IDC Doctoral Training Centre at the University of Oxford. His hometown is Nagaon, a small city in Assam, India.

“I am grateful to the UK government for awarding me with a Jubilee Scholarship in 2012. It gave me an opportunity to come all the way from Nagaon to London to pursue my Master’s Degree at UCL. That opportunity opened new doors for me, that ultimately led me to pursuing my D.Phil at Oxford as a Clarendon Scholar. My work involves designing and conducting experiments that explore basic questions of physical and life sciences.”

What Do You Think Is The Biggest British Indian Contribution to the UK?

“British Indians have excelled in all fields — from research to business to military. They are patrons of many charities, one of the biggest tax payers, some of the most prolific researchers, and a vibrant and colorful aspect of British culture. Also, recently I read the news that the Sikh community is one of the greatest supporters for the poor and homeless, as their charitable activities like daily ‘langar’ are a lifeline for them.”

Proudest Indian Moment in the UK

“I was very proud to know about the important role Sikhs played in victory of Britain in both World Wars. Their valor is legendary, and it is very reassuring to see that their bravery is not only valued and celebrated in Britain.”


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