A Rising Star: Councillor Ameet Jogia

Conservative Party Member Ameet Jogia, one of London’s youngest Councillors, gave a moving maiden speech during Harrow Council’s Tax debate last week.

Cllr Jogia was elected into office last May, receiving a larger number of votes than any other Councillor in Harrow.

Councillor Ameet Jogia at no. 10
Councillor Ameet Jogia at no. 10

Embodying the very idea of aspiration, the councillor spoke of his experience of being homeless as a child and why this experience made him a Conservative. “I’m a Conservative because I believe in empowering people to be the very best they can be — to stand on their own two feet.”

Drawing further on his childhood experiences, Jogia said: “I believe in helping the vulnerable in society. I’ve been one of them. But concerns for the vulnerable must not lead to policies which simply encourage dependency. As the saying goes, you can’t help a weak man to become strong by making a strong man weak. Believe me. I know.”

A long standing Tory activist (having become a party member already at the age of 16), Ameet Jogia is a rising star within the Conservative Party.  He is already an approved candidate on the Conservative Party Candidates List and is tipped to stand for Parliament in the future.

CFI: What according to you is the biggest contribution of the British Indian community in the UK?

AJ: I think our biggest contribution to the UK, is our contribution to the UK’s GDP. Collectively, South Asians contribute around 6% of the UK’s GDP, despite only making up 4% of Britain’s population. British Asians make a tremendous contribution to our economy, generating £60 billion pounds every year.

CFI: The Conservative party values aspiration, hard work, family and service above self.  As a British Indian what personal values do you associate with the Conservative party?

AJ: Aspiration. I believe that it doesn’t matter where you come from in life, but where you get to that really matters. The majority of British Indians came with very little to the UK (often penniless), but through aspiration and hard work they are now one of the most successful communities in the UK.

CFI: What has been your proudest British Indian moment?

AJ: When I found out that Mahatma Gandhi’s statue will be unveiled in Parliament Square.


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