A House To Live In, a Home for your Children


For many of us, it’s a word that takes us back to our childhoods. Old or young, single or married, our mind’s eye travels back in time and we remember a certain feeling.

Home. It’s where we come from. It’s where our families are. It’s where we feel safe.


Last year, more than 60% of Indian families in the UK owned the home they lived in. Many more will hope to own homes in the future. For many young couples, it will be especially important to find a home in which they are able to bring up their little ones — to give their children what their parents were able to give them: a home, and a childhood to remember.

The Conservative Party has committed to building 200,000 cut-price, good quality starter homes for first-time buyers by 2020. New rules will cut planning red-tape for starter homes, which means developers can build and sell them for 20 per cent less than the usual price. These new starter homes will help tens of thousands of young people realise the dream of owning their own home.

Voting Conservative in 2015 will give you as well as others a greater chance to own the place that you call home.


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