The Party That Aims Higher: Getting Britain Back on Track

British Indians form a community that values success, and that values hard work even more. It is a community that does not believe in short cuts. Work hard in school so that you can work harder at university so that one day, when you are old and tired, and you sit down to tell your grandchildren the story of your life, you will be able to tell them: “I designed that building.””I saved that man’s life.” “I changed the way people think.” British Indians are nothing if not aspirational.

Overall, the British Indian community in the UK has a lot in common with the Conservative Party. The Long Term Economic Plan goes a long way to show that. The Conservative Party, too, does not take any short cuts. It believes that the way to financial stability is paved with hard work. And it believes that patience and diligence will be rewarded.

The Conservative Party wants to create a United Kingdom that serves and encourages aspiration and The Long Term Economic Plan is essential to that ambition.

  1. REDUCING THE DEFICIT so we deal with our debts, safeguard our economy for the long term and keep mortgage rates low.
  2. CUTTING INCOME TAX AND FREEZING FUEL DUTY to help hardworking people be more financially secure.
  3. CREATING MORE JOBS by backing small business and enterprise with better infrastructure and lower jobs taxes.
  4. CAPPING WELFARE AND WORKING TO CONTROL IMMIGRATION so our economy delivers for people who want to work hard and play by the rules.
  5. DELIVERING THE BEST SCHOOLS AND SKILLS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE so the next generation can succeed in the global race.


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