Conservative Chairman Shapps: “Take this chance to celebrate British Indian contributions to UK”

Love and colour. Today, India invites the world to partake in one of its people’s most cherished celebrations — Holi.


On the occasion of this weekend’s festivities, Conservative Chairman Grant Shapps has issued a statement in which he invites people to seize this opportunity to celebrate India’s contributions to the United Kingdom.

‘I want to send my very best wishes to everyone celebrating Holi in Britain, India and around the world,’ says the Chairman.

At the start of Spring, the festival of colour is a time of real celebration and I want to take this chance to celebrate the contribution British Indians make to our country – across arts, sports, politics, business and more.

Your successes come from a belief in the importance of hard work, family, community and enterprise. These are important values, and the values of the Conservative Party.

‘So I want to want to wish you a very vibrant and happy Holi!’

Below — Holi on Twitter


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