Lord Karan Bilimoria worried about potential Labour-SNP coalition

In a recent interview with The Telegraph (March 7), Lord Karan Bilimoria expressed significant concern about the possibility of a Labour-SNP coalition after the elections in May.

“I am very worried about Ed Miliband and Labour being in government this time,” he said to The Telegraph.

Lord Bilimoria, who is co-founder and chairman of Cobra Beer, stated that he is one of many entrepreneurs who question Ed Miliband’s capacity to draw the right conclusions about Britain’s economy.

“I am seriously concerned about Ed Miliband’s lack of experience and understanding and his priorities. I am not alone. Every single entrepreneur I have spoken to believes exactly what I am saying.”

Lord Bilimoria, who is not affiliated with any political party, said he believes that a coalition of two parties that both believe in high public spending would “jeopardise wealth creation and job creation.” He also believes that any such coalition would constitute a danger to national security.

“One of my biggest worries of the SNP and Labour coalition prospect is Trident [British nuclear weapons programme, red.] and our defence, seriously jeopardising our national security. To get rid of Trident would be the number one irresponsible thing that any government could do. That is the most terrifying aspect. The SNP have said it’s their red line. I cannot see Labour forming a majority given where the numbers are at the moment.”

Read more about Lord Karan Bilimoria:



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