Higher taxes, more spending, more debt and weaker defences…

The way things currently stand, a deal with the SNP looks set to be Ed Miliband’s best bet, should he want to form government after the elections in May. It is, however, a deal that many think might take Britain down a dangerous path. “You could end up with an alliance between the people who want to bankrupt Britain and the people who want to break up Britain,” said Prime Minister David Cameron in a recent speech.

Miliband Salmond

No-one should be particularly surprised if the SNP end up getting most of the Scottish vote, and if they do, Ed Miliband will have no choice but to rely on Alex Salmond and Nicole Sturgeon to get into no. 10.

What does that mean, practically speaking? It means a government with two high public spending parties, it means higher taxes, more spending and more debt. It might also mean a weakening of Britain’s defence systems, as Lord Karan Bilimoria said to The Telegraph last weekend:

“I am very worried about Ed Miliband and Labour being in government this time.

‘I find the prospect of a Labour-SNP coalition quite frankly terrifying, on a number of counts.

‘One of my biggest worries of the SNP and Labour coalition prospect is Trident and our defence, seriously jeopardising our national security. To get rid of Trident would be the number one irresponsible thing that any government could do. That is the most terrifying aspect. The SNP have said it’s their red line. I cannot see Labour forming a majority given where the numbers are at the moment.”


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