New Hindu faith school in Croydon (Video)

Last Monday, Prime Minister David Cameron spoke at Green School in Isleworth. There, he announced a plan to open 49 new free schools, one of which will be a Hindu faith school in Croydon.

The new school opens in 2016, and it will be run by Avanti Schools Trust. It is expected that 60-90% of students will be Hindu, but admissions are open to everyone. Philosophy, yoga, meditation and ethics are some of the distinguishing subjects of study that will be on the curriculum.

Nitesh Gor, the trusts chief executive, said to the Croydon Advertiser that plans to open a school in Croydon were formed already several years ago.

“We have huge links with the community both in terms with the Hindu community and also outside of it.

“The idea is to be reflective of the community,” Mr Gor said.

The MP for Croydon Central, Mr Gavin Barwell, said to CF India last night (see video) that the Prime Minister’s announcement was great news.

“It’s great news not only for parents from the Indian comunity, who I think really welcome this school, but also for other parents in Croydon, who I think are going to like the ethos and the values that lie behind it.

“I think it’s going to prove to be a very popular school.”


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