GE2015 – The Mathematics

The maths of the 2015 general election — Excellent piece by Kapil Dudakia

Kapil's Khichadi

Kapil’s Khichadi

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With less than eight weeks to the General Election, the polls from almost all polling organisations are showing that we are heading towards an unprecedented election.  Under any other circumstance it would be as thrilling as entering a fairground ride of monumental proportions with screams and danger lurking at each and every turn.  This ride will take millions on a journey that may well define how the UK is set for the 21st century.  The significance of the decision by the people of Great Britain cannot be underestimated.  And those who delude themselves into thinking it’s just another election may well do disservice to the generations to come.

The latest poll of polls gives us the following:  Conservatives 33%, Labour 32%, Liberal Democrats 7%, UKIP 15% and Green 6%.  How might this translate to actual seats?  Now this is a dangerous game…

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