Meet Hannah David: Securing the Future for Harrow West

Meet HANNAH DAVID: “Like many people in Harrow West, I have a family and run a small business. I know how hard it is for parents to juggle work and family – because I face that same challenge every day.”

Hannah enjoys enormous support from Harrow locals, and there’s no wondering why — this is a politician who really listens to what people have to say. Many of her fans would probably argue that she knew them before they knew her, and many will know her as the friendly young woman who came out to greet them on a local street. Proactive, positive and persistent, Hannah isn’t the type to cower behind an office desk.

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“As a politician,” she says, “you are judged above all else on your achievements.”

So what will Hannah try to achieve, given her election in May? Three things stand out as particularly important.

  • She will work with businesses to create jobs – she wants to help local people support themselves and their families
  • She will try to deliver a tidier, safer community – Harrow streets and parks can be cleaner as well as more secure for you and your family, and Hannah knows that
  • She will fight for local campaigns like the Council Tax Freeze – Hannah wants to assure that hard-working families are able to feel financially secure


“In my constituency – Harrow West,” Hannah says, “I have made my campaign about outlining a clear set of objectives to be achieved over the course of the next five years. This is an approach that has resonated with the local Indian Diaspora – a community of entrepreneurs and business people who understand the value of hard work and achievement. I know that I have secured the support of many within this community because like me, and the Conservative Party, they understand the importance of achievement.”

Come May 7th, residents of Harrow West will know what to do. Go to the polling booths, and show that you support Hannah as much as she supports you.


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