Labour Gets Business…Just Look at Blair

As 100 business leaders openly declare that they back the Conservatives, let’s make one thing clear: Labour understand business, too. I mean, look at how good a businessman Tony Blair is. This might just the problem with their brand of socialism – it’s straight out of Animal Farm. Champagne socialism, two-Jags Prescott socialism. And if you think I’m unfair calling it ‘socialism’ – well, last Thursday, Ed Miliband himself called it a party of Democratic Socialism.

But back to Blair – the image is of ‘I’ll help you, just help me get in power, then I’ll help myself.’ They don’t want the rest of us to aspire, they want us to be dependent. That’s why they need to spend, so we get addicted to their promise of benefits without work, payments without effort. Who wouldn’t want to elect someone making such promises?!

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s race for cash since leaving office in 2007, with an opaque network of financial interests that stretch from the United Arab Emirates to Kazakhstan to America, has raised suspicions and various sections of the political establishment believe everything might not be above board.

This is Labour.

He reportedly signed a fresh contract with UAE’s foreign ministry during the end of 2014. Using his exalted position as former Prime Minister, and the connections and network acquired during his time in office, Mr Blair has built an intricate empire simply on the basis of advising foreign Governments and large corporations. The latest country to fall under his sphere of influence is Serbia, a country Britain bombed on Mr Blair’s order in 1999 during the Kosovo war. But that was war, this is business, and Mr Blair apparently has no qualms about it.

This is the democratic socialism of Labour.

It is, however, when Labour does this to damage national interests that it really starts to bother me.

I’ve been monitoring a pattern between UAE, the Labour party of the UK, and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. I located every comment in Parliament over the past two years mentioning ‘Qatar’, and one thing became clear to me: when it comes to Qatar – a very important British ally in the war on terror — Labour has been leading a critical charge, not only against the country itself, but also against Britain for forging this alliance.

Former British PM Tony Blair, interestingly, appears to be part of the whole web. The former PM has sold his political and economic expertise to two countries, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, via his fledgling private consultancy firm and is seen as catering to UAE’s global interests. ‘”Blair is a paid employee of Abu Dhabi because of his Mubadala contract,” said Christopher Davidson, a Gulf expert at Durham University, to The Guardian. “He should not be regarded as representing UK national interests.”’

Attacks by Labour in Parliament on one of the Britain’s closest allies, Qatar, in a region where we need them the most smacks of them being puppets to a bigger puppet master and against British interests.

This is Democratic Socialism. This is Labour.

Alpesh Patel is CEO of a UK Asset Management Company investing in Global businesses. He is a Board Member of the UK India Business Council and a former Financial Times columnist and Bloomberg TV presenter on global investing – as well as the author of 18 books on investing.


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