Amandeep Bhogal: We’re the only party that has the vision to represent all Britons

Amandeep Bhogal, the Conservative candidate for Upper Bann, was present in Swindon today as David Cameron launched The Conservative Party’s 2015 Manifesto. Afterwards, Bhogal was full of praise for the Prime Minister’s delivery.

“It’s been a brilliant launch, especially compared to the omnishambles that we saw yesterday with Ed Miliband,” said Bhogal.

“Today we have a clear plan for how Britain will move forward, so that we can finish the job that we started five years ago.”

Apropos the current celebrations of Vaisakhi, Bhogal said: “In 1699 the 10th Sikh Guru brought all castes together. This is a manifesto that is there for all Britons. Labour is splitting up their manifesto — they’ve got one for ethnic minorities, then one for this group and another for that group. I think we are the only party with the vision to represent all Britons.”


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