A Government for Whom?

Labour repeatedly make the claim that the Conservative led government is a government for the few. They say this despite record job numbers, despite a growing economy, despite a deficit reduced by half, and despite income tax cut for 26 million people. They say this despite a Conservative manifesto that promises no income tax for anyone on minimum wage, increased state pension, and 30 hours of free child care for children aged 3-4.

“It’s not good enough!”

Curious! Now, what else do they say?

Well, they like telling people what this election really is about.

In a recent interview with Evan Davis, Mr Miliband said that talk about jobs “goes back to the big argument of this election”. The Labour Party leader said he doesn’t believe that 2,000,000 new jobs means that the economy is “fixed”. In fact, he believes most of the new jobs aren’t even that good.

In the same interview, when Evan Davis asked Mr Miliband about what looks like reduced crime rates, the Labour leader said “let’s go back to the big argument of this election”, repeating his view that simply because things seem to be better, it doesn’t mean that they are.

And when Evan Davis mentioned university tuition fees, and the fact that the number of people from disadvantaged backgrounds who go to university has gone up by a third, Mr Miliband asked: “Does that mean that the country is fixed? It goes to the big argument of this election. Is this good enough for Britain?”

Despite improving conditions for everyone, Mr Miliband is clearly convinced that the current government is one for the few, oppressing the many.

Now, we don’t believe that any Conservative would argue that the UK is “fixed” (did anyone say that?) – but many would argue that (just to take one example) 2,000,000 new jobs in 5 years is an indication that the country is on the right path. There certainly weren’t any new jobs to speak of when Labour last left the boat, and we doubt there will be many more when and if they assume the role of puppet government under the Scottish Nationalists.

Over the course of the last 5-7 years, Labour representatives have been wrong about many things. They were wrong on immigration, they were wrong on the economy, and they were wrong about jobs. Now, Ed Miliband is wrong again. The big argument of this election isn’t whether or not you believe the country is “fixed”. The big argument is always the same, and it’s much simpler than that: does this country need a new course?

If you are of the opinion that Labour would mean a new and better course for this nation, then you are certainly entitled to that opinion. And if you are of that opinion, then please e-mail us and tell us why, because there are some questions we would like to ask you. For example, what course would that be? We don’t really know what Mr Miliband’s plan is. And: Why do you think that more spending and more borrowing is better for the UK, when that is what led us to economic ruin? Why would you like to pay for that again in five years from now? These are just some of our questions.

We’re not really trying to make the argument that Labour are completely hapless, but we are, nonetheless, convinced that their political outlook is fundamentally incorrect. To callously ignore facts that testify to progress and success is to reveal a private agenda that reeks of sheer lust for power, and nothing else. Ed Miliband wants us to believe that the government is working against us – he would also like us to believe that he, without any discernible plan, would work for us.

This, however, is what we really believe:

In GE2015, it’s an election between sticking to the plan — which we now know is working — or pushing the boat out into dark and uncovered waters in the hope that Ed sees something that the rest of us can’t.



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