Why I vote Conservative: People Speak

I vote Conservative because….

ricardo premchand
“Based on their past record of sustained economic growth, they are the only party that seems to have a blue-print for the future.”

-Ricardo Premchand

“Tshanoo razdanhey are the party who support pluralism and provides a peaceful society where everyone is treated equally – a need of the hour, looking at religious extremities in other countries. Besides this, all the other economic policies and progress.”

– Shanoo Razdan

vivek kaul“Despite getting pay a freeze over years, I feel that the Tories have done their utmost to reduce the National debt and handled the effects of credit crunch admirably.”
– Dr. Vivek Kaul


vishal saprooThey are the present and the future.”
– Vishal Saproo



girish bellur 2


The economy is moving in the right direction. And Conservatives encourage small businesses.”

– Girish Bellur


“Theyvinod tikoo have the right policies with regards to the British economy and are good for British businesses. The Conservatives have a fair immigration plan, have a strong leadership and for me personally, they have got their handle on issues specific to the British Indian community.”
Vinod Tikoo

Manu Khajuria_Family“I support the Conservatives because their efforts in initiating an economic turnaround have shown results and I would like to see that take roots and even do better. Their ethos of results through hard work appeals to me. Additionally I like their approach and attitude towards India and I hope to see good things come out of it in the future.” – Manu Khajuria Singh


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