Harrow West: 6 Reasons to Vote for Hannah David

The Big Day is finally here! It’s May 7th, you’re in the polling booth, and you’re holding that stubby old pencil in your hand… Now – where to put your cross?

20% of the population is still undecided – we think that’s far too many. Today, we’d like to help some of you to decide.

Here’s why you should vote for Hannah David.

  1. She’ll back small businesses

”As a small-business owner,” says Hannah, “I know the difficulties of setting up a business and making it grow. That’s why I’m backing the Conservative’s long-term economic plan that has already created 519,000 jobs and 215,000 new businesses in London.”

If you vote for Hannah, she’ll work with local businesses to bring life and greater vibrancy to Harrow shopping areas.

  1. She’ll connect Harrow to Crossrail

”In February, I was joined by Boris Johnson and local people who are backing my campaign to secure a Crossrail extension that will stop at Harrow & Wealdstone Station. I started this campaign because of the investment and job opportunities it would bring to Wealdstone and Harrow as a whole.”

A vote for Hannah is a vote for an MP who brings qualitative change to the lives of hard-working people. With Hannah David, Harrow will become a place of greater opportunity.

  1. She’ll bring new life to Harrow town centre

“In Harrow, our High Streets and main Shopping Areas have been neglected for far too long. Places such as South Harrow, Sudbury Hill, and Harrow Town Centre are in urgent need of new investment and regeneration,” says Hannah.

Hannah wants to make Harrow High Streets cleaner, and she wants to make them places of greater opportunity. More businesses and more jobs will create a better future for the community. But don’t worry! She doesn’t want to change any of the things that make Harrow great.

I want to regenerate Harrow in a way that respects and preserves the very best that Harrow already has to offer, and to build the Harrow that our residents want.”

  1. She’ll crack down on Council waste

”The hard-working taxpayers of Harrow deserve quality services and value for money…Harrow’s Labour Council just doesn’t get it!” Hannah says. “While neighbouring Conservative Hillingdon Council continues to improve services without raising taxes and charges, Harrow’s Labour Council is making cuts to the most important frontline services imposing the maximum Council Tax increase and introducing new charges.”

A vote for Hannah is a vote against a 1.99% Council tax increase and against a £75/year garden tax.

  1. She’ll crack down on crime

”Whilst Harrow has been the safest borough in London since the end of 2014, crime is still a serious concern for many. I’m working with police and local charities to crack down on crime and anti-social behaviour in areas such as South Harrow.”

A vote for Hannah is a vote for a zero-tolerance approach towards gangs. It is a vote for a clear line of communication between local people and the police.

  1. She’ll work for a cleaner & greener Harrow

Hannah has set up a new volunteering initiative — Rubbish Friends — to help keep Harrow streets clean.

“I am particularly interested in involving young people in this initiative,” says Hannah. “In time, I hope to build many Rubbish Friends teams across Harrow.  This is a fantastic opportunity for young people to improve their team work and leadership skills, while giving something back to the community.”

A vote for Hannah is vote for a Harrow that cares about the environment.

On May 7th, a vote for Hannah David is a vote for greater opportunities and for greater fairness. It’s a vote against council inefficiencies and arbitrary tax rises. It’s a vote for an ambitious and environmentally aware Harrow.


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