6 Reasons to Vote for Mary Macleod

The Big Day is finally here! It’s May 7th, you’re in the polling booth, and you’re holding that stubby old pencil in your hand… Now – where to put your cross?

20% of the population is still undecided – we think that’s far too many. Today, we’d like to help some of you to decide.

Here’s why you should vote for Mary Macleod (Chiswick, Brentford, Isleworth, Osterley and Hounslow).

  1. She’ll campaign for more schools

“I want to make sure that we are identifying sites for schools quickly and efficiently and I am keen to help make sure we get more schools as soon as possible,” says Mary.

Over the last five years, Mary has been one of Parliament’s strongest voices for an improved schools situation. She is adamant that all children have access to excellent education, and she has worked in close co-operation with the Department for Education, Houslow Council, faith groups, parents and teachers to ensure that all schools are able to accommodate the needs of students.

A vote for Mary is a vote for better schools for everyone.

  1. She’ll keep cracking down on crime

In 2014, crime rates in Hounslow fell by 16%. Mary knows, however, that there’s more to be done. Last year, she organised a London Domestic Abuse Summit in Chiswick – shortly, she hopes to take this campaign all across the city.

A vote for Mary is a vote for safety for all.

  1. She’ll continue to support small businesses

Between May 2010 and January 2015, unemployment in Mary’s constituency fell by 37%. In the same time, youth unemployment fell by 49%.

”Around 9,400 businesses have started since 2010, one of the highest of any constituency in the country,” Mary says. “I am also particularly keen to promote entrepreneurship locally – particularly for women. Women in this country set up half as many businesses as men and estimates suggest that better use of women’s skills could be worth billions a year to our economy.”

A vote for Mary is a vote for more jobs. It’s a vote for local business.

  1. She’ll work to provide more affordable homes

The inclusion of Hounslow in the Mayor of London’s Housing Zone will lead to the creation of more than 1,000 new homes, including more than 400 affordable ones. Over the last five years, Mary has pushed for affordability in every new development.

A vote for Mary is a vote for (affordable) development.

  1. She’ll continue to improve transport links

Mary has already worked hard to make sure that Piccadilly line trains stop at Turnham Green Station. Unfortunately, the job is not yet finished. Many Chiswick residents need Turnham Green to operate at even greater availability than it currently does, and Mary is working hard to convince TfL about what improvements need to be made.

A vote for Mary is a vote for bringing central London closer to your home.

  1. She’ll work to make Heathrow better – not bigger

”I am not anti-aviation,” Mary says. “I want us to have a world-class aviation industry in the UK. However, this cannot be achieved without consideration of the impact on residents, schools and organisations in the local area.”

Approximately 750,000 people are affected by the noise of aircraft flying into Heathrow. Night flights, especially, is a great nuisance to many.

A vote for Mary is a vote against a third runway. It’s a vote against night flights.


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