Hendon: 6 Reasons To Vote For Matthew Offord

The Big Day is finally here! It’s May 7th, you’re in the polling booth, and you’re holding that stubby old pencil in your hand… Now – where to put your cross?

20% of the population is still undecided – we think that’s far too many. Today, we’d like to help some of you to decide.

Here’s why you should vote for Matthew Offord.

  1. He’ll give you greater power over the NHS

Matthew supports the idea that people should be able to influence the way the NHS operates in their area. He thinks that local people should have a greater say about what services they’re offered, and that GPs should have the power to meet the needs of local people.

A vote for Matthew is a vote for a more personal and more flexible NHS.

  1. He’ll continue to work to improve the Northern Line and Thameslink

“As a Hendon resident I am a regular user of the Northern Line and understand how important it is that hard working commuters and other Tube and train users have a smooth and comfortable journey,” says Matthew.

A vote for Matthew is a vote for an easier journey into central London.

  1. He’ll support the creation of new Free Schools

“We all want opportunities for our children and education is a key priority,” says Matthew. “The Government believes that teachers – not politicians and bureaucrats – should control schools.”

Matthew wants heads of schools and teachers to be given greater power to help disruptive pupils. He want schools to be able to provide specialist education for those who need it. He believes that the ‘Academy Status’ and Free Schools are means to an improved and more successful early education system.

A vote for Matthew is a vote for better schools.

  1. He’ll continue to support small businesses

“Living in Hendon, I use local shops regularly,” Matthew says. “I will press for more measures to support small businesses in our area which are the lifeblood of our communities.”

A vote for Matthew is a vote for more jobs. It is a vote for greater opportunity.

  1. He’ll press for lower taxes

50,000 Hendon residents already pay lower taxes. Matthew will continue to press for an increased tax-free allowance.

A vote for Matthew is a vote for more money in your pocket.

  1. He’ll crack down on crime

“A priority is to tackle crime, anti-social behaviour and the causes of crime which produce so much anxiety among local people,” says Matthew.

“Under Labour the police spent 50% more time on paperwork than they did out on patrol. Labour’s obsession with targets and box-ticking hindered the fight against crimes like burglary.”

A vote for Matthew is a vote for feeling safer at home.



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