Cllr Jogia: Save Harrow from Labour

With only one day to go before the nation goes out to the Polling Booths, Election Masala caught up with Cllr Ameet Jogia in one of the most closely contested seats in the UK – Harrow East.

Cllr Jogia, a lifelong resident of Harrow, urged residents to “keep Harrow blue and save it from the clutches of Labour”.

“Labour constantly refer to the Tories as the privileged few in Harrow,” said Jogia. “We are not the privileged few, but the privileged few hundred thousand hard working residents who take pride in making Harrow one of the most attractive places to live in outer London. With our excellent schools, parks and homes we cannot afford to let Labour in and wreck this.

“Harrow is famous for being the aspiration borough. It’s full of thousands of people who have worked hard all their life, many coming to the borough penniless, to build a better life for their families. Labour call it privilege, we call it hard work.

“Whilst Labour think they support the most ‘vulnerable’, they don’t. They stifle aspiration and hold back the very people they seek to represent. We cannot let this culture seep into Harrow and we must do everything we can to keep this aspirational spirit in Harrow.

“The Conservatives empower people to be the very best they can be. They reward hard work and promote lower taxes, giving people the right to keep their money, giving them the freedom to spend it on what matters to them most.

“It’s painful to see the unions coming in their masses storming our much loved streets of Harrow. Letting Labour into Harrow would be a disaster for our borough, a step backwards for everything we have achieved.

“I urge residents to protect Harrow by keeping Labour out on May 7th.


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