“What is Election Masala?”

Election Masala is a blog in association with Conservative Friends of India. It was born on February 23rd, 2015, and it will continue to run for approximately 10 weeks.

“What will you find on Election Masala?”

It’s a blog that is about, as much as it is for, the Indian community in the United Kingdom. Readers will, for example

  • be able to find information on the Conservative Party’s policies and its parliamentary candidates of Indian origin;
  • have the opportunity to read interviews with inspiring members of the British-Indian community;
  • be provided with news and pictures from events related to the British-Indian community;
  • and hopefully a lot more! (Look out for CF India Director Mayuri Parmar’s weekly editorial!)

All the way up until the general election on May 7th, Election Masala hopes to be a friend, a light-hearted entertainer and perhaps (if we may be so bold!) even a most humble political guide, as readers will attempt to navigate their way through the thick and wiry land of British politics.

For more information about Conservative Friends of India, please visit http://www.conservativefriendsofindia.co.uk/


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