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Samir Jassal: Cameron’s the first PM to join us for Vaisakhi (Video)

Samir Jassal, the Conservative candidate for East Ham, played a large role in organizing the Prime Minister’s visit to Gravesend Gurdwara on April 18. In this video, the young candidate comments on how India-UK relations have changed under David Cameron.

“He has not just put his hand out and said ‘we’re here for you’ — we’ve actually done things and resolved issues that concern the Sikh community, so I think he’s been revolutionary in that sense,” said Jassal.


Priti Patel: I have seen first hand David Cameron’s commitment to India (Video)

Earlier today Prime Minister David Cameron joined in the celebration of Vaisakhi at the Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara in Gravesend, Kent. 

Mr Cameron was accompanied by his India Diaspora Champion (MP for Witham 2010-2015), Ms Priti Patel. In the video below, Ms Patel talks about some of her experiences of engaging with India and the Indian community in the UK.