David Cameron: “Phir ek bar Cameron sarkaar”

Is Hindi the second language of future UK politics? Prime Minister David Cameron may just have hinted at that, when in a recent interview with NDTV he told the camera: “Phir ek bar Cameron sarkaar”.

If you haven’t yet seen the full interview, do check it out below!


Nick de Bois: A £1,500 discount, and almost no-one knew!

In this video, Nick de Bois, the Conservative candidate for Enfield North (MP 2010-2015), talks about local small business (and a particular type of discount that many didn’t know they were entitled to…).

For more about Mr de Bois, follow him on Twitter @NickdeBois or visit his website.

Priti Patel: I have seen first hand David Cameron’s commitment to India (Video)

Earlier today Prime Minister David Cameron joined in the celebration of Vaisakhi at the Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara in Gravesend, Kent. 

Mr Cameron was accompanied by his India Diaspora Champion (MP for Witham 2010-2015), Ms Priti Patel. In the video below, Ms Patel talks about some of her experiences of engaging with India and the Indian community in the UK. 

Boris Johnson: Hannah David is a fantastic candidate (video)

Boris Johnson came to Harrow West on Friday (April 10th) afternoon to campaign with Conservative candidate Hannah David (and her army of supporters).

“Hannah is a fantastic candidate,” said the Mayor of London, who himself is the Conservative candidate for Uxbridge and South Ruislip. “It would be wonderful to get Hannah into Parliament. She’d do a fantastic job.”

Come May 7th, residents of Harrow West will know what to do — the Mayor has spoken! 

Mike Freer talks about some of his most valued experiences & efforts as an MP

Mike Freer was the Conservative MP for Finchley & Golders Green between 2010-2015. He’ll be standing again in 2015, and we hope local constituents will respond to all of Mr Freer’s hard work by renewing their confidence in him.

CF India recently had the fortune to sit down with Mr Freer, and to talk to him about some of the ways in which he’s interacted with his diverse community over the course of the last five years.

In the two videos below, you can hear Mr Freer talk about experiences with the Depala community, the local Swaminarayan Temple, raising breast cancer awareness, and about how difficult it can be to convince Transport for London to cancel parking tickets…